Swans is a program designed for companies and their teams to underline the importance of movement in the office space in a fast-paced working environment.

Movement is crucial in the office for both physical and mental performance. Swans offers a number of personal exercises and group interactions that will balance the employees well-being with the workload and ease the discomfort in the working place. Not only do employees benefit, in fact, the ultimate business is boosted and can increase productivity. Besides, the program aims to support activities such as presentations, speeches and negotiations by increasing the confidence through a work on presence and body language. Good posture creates a dynamic commanding presence and an attitude of leadership.

“Stretch, de-stress and perform”, three words that embrace the essence and relevance of a program which aims to achieve body and mind consciousness on a personal and team level.


A sedentary lifestyle is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. When a person spends too much time sitting in the office or at home on the couch, the muscles burn less fat, the blood circulates more slowly and the feet swell. The negative effects are numerous on the veins, on the muscles, on the bones and on the back.

Movement has been proven to increase productivity. It wakes up stiffened joints and muscles and gets a sufficient amount of oxygen circulating in the brain, allowing employees to focus more when they return to their desks. The program is designed to ease the discomfort in the working place dividing the working hours with body and mind exercises. In fact, breaks are an important part of the working day and Swans exercises are built to achieve well-being and productivity. Once the brain is refreshed the employee comes back with new ideas and comes up with more constructive solutions to all the problems. Furthermore, as a consequence of a better body awareness, the presence and posture are changing and start sending a message of self-assurance, authority and energy needed in an increasing competitive environment.


In their career, ballet dancers go through physical highs and lows that oblige them to develop a deep knowledge of their body and mind performances. They also learns how to maximise the effects of exercises for a compact and effective work out. Following her years as Principal Dancer in international ballet companies, Catherine Habasque developed a particular method adapting effective exercises to be used in an office working environment in group sessions or during a private break to reboot body and brain effectively.

The most common issue she noticed on the businessmen and women she is coaching in private, is a heavy tension on the shoulders and neck due to computer work and stress. These tensions are not only painful but also make the breathing shorter, add more postural stress and create discomfort on daily bases. The danger to get used to it and live in an perpetual and unconscious tension is real. The back is suffering, the whole posture is losing elegance and presence and the body ages faster. Those few targeted exercises done with regularity can reverse the process, rejuvenate the silhouette and rebuilt a younger energy. Feet and legs also have their importance in the renewed self as their tonicity is responsible for a better circulation of the blood flowing freely and increasing energy and well being.

The course happens in three 2 hours sessions within a month + bonus session

First day
Introduction of the program
Discussion with each participants about their body weaknesses, expectations and wishes
First approach of the exercises; upper body and back session
Working plan for an optimised week

Second day
Follow up discussion about the feelings of the first week of exercises
Upper body and back session review and corrections
Lower body and legs program
Working plan for an optimised 2nd week

Third day
Follow up and discussion about the second week of exercises
Deepening and anchoring of the method
Work on posture and presence
Working plan for an optimised 3rd week

Fourth part
30 min intensive private training and discussion for each participant