For those who cannot work with me privately in Basel, I created this Online Course. The Power of Elegance will help you correct your posture, built new muscles and  enhance your presence and elegance through exercises and dancers tricks and images that I brought together for you.

You can follow this class from the comfort of your home and write me anytime to ask for a detail you didn’t get or reserve a private hour for more precise corrections.

I loved preparing this class and I hope you will enjoy it!

During my career, I had the chance to meet many talented artists. Some of them also became friends. DFW’s humanitarian work also created exciting encounters. I always had the idea to bring all of these talents together. Now the time has come, and not just out of pleasure but out of the need to find new solutions, new ways. That’s how DFW & Guests was created in Juli 2020, a platform for passionate amateurs and aspiring professionals to discover their talent and enjoy the experience and teaching of international professionals.