DFW was created in January 2015

I had been thinking for years of a way to use dance for humanitarian purposes. Inspired by “clowns sans frontières”, I decided to gather a group of dancers who would travel to share there art with vulnerable people in crises areas.

I started asking friends in June 2014, and then friends of friends, persons whose human qualities and professional experience would enrich the group and whose empathy and skill would enlighten the trips.

The missions are organised in cooperation with organisations on the field. The organisation is supported by the memberships, foundations and private donations.

In those years we worked with displaced people in Georgia (Partner: Artas Foundation), underprivileged and abused young girls in Philippines (Partner: Caméléon Association), street children in Cambodia (Partner: Friends International), with the refugees on Lesbos (Partner: One Happy Family and Yoga and Sports for refugees) and with children on the Kibera Slum in Kenya (Partner: Elimu Project).

In some cases we had the possibility to go again, in others we organized a follow up with local teachers. DFW also supports young talents in their dreams of becoming professional dancers. We believe by making their dream come true, they will be examples, leaders and peace builders of their community.

Artists from different fields and art lovers joined the association and participate actively to the events and the life of the organisation.

We are organizing regular multi-disciplinary and immersive performances in Basel with international artists to raise awareness about our work.

In 2021 Dancers For the World become a United Nations Partner Organisation.

You can discover more about DFW’s work on www.dfw-ch.com or by clicking on te button bellow.