As a Ballet dancer, you are reaching for excellence your whole life. I guess this is the reason why I love helping Others achieve their own goals through better knowledge and control of their body and mind.

I am using my lifelong experience of physical training as an Athlete, the lessons I learnt from performing in front of thousands as an Artist and from leading as a Director, to support your way to excellence.

The Gyrotonic Method is one of my favorites to improve both your physical and mental performance and balance but I am also using Strength Training and Slow Training for the physical side while working on developing your confidence and presence on and out of the stage and enhance your elegance for life.

GYROTONIC® is also the best technique I know against back pain, neck and shoulders issues, migraines, low mental energy and so much more. After years of helping dancers like me keep or recover their full potential,  it is now available to all bodies, ages, fitness levels and issues, from computer posture and stiffness to even more specifically, after birth recovery or light bladder worries. 


  • I give Personal Training One to One in Basel or virtually anytime and anywhere. I’ll be happy to listen to you.

          1 personal training of 60 min / CHF 130

          4 personal trainings Abo / CHF 480  


  • Tailored half day with complete work on posture and presence in daily life on demand
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  • You can also find me here: for a complete course on video.
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  • And join me for a Group Floorbarre training on Saturdays at 5.30 pm at the studio Danceworks, Spalentorweg 20 in Basel – This is NOT GYROTONIC – but a great stretching.

60 min / CHF 30

10 x 60 min / CHF 270

“Absolutely fantastic – Catherine is amazing and I always feel incredible after a session. I highly recommend Gyrotonic and Catherine.” Belinda Holdsworth – Director Global Operations Strategy at Roche

“I highly recommend Catherine …. she is a great personal trainer.” Jacqueline McMenamin – Team dynamics & Transformative Change Management at Roche

“Catherine has a wealth of subtle knowledge about the body. Machine is incredible. Highly recommend.” Olivia Streater Lavizzari – Human Rights Advocate & Lawyer | Dance Movement Psychotherapist

“(…) The most stunning success though was the strengthening of the pelvic floor – in a way which prevented a second operation. Obviously the training strengthened muscles which had not been reached by all the other techniques.” P.Z.


Indications for use:
Bacterial infections: bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi), pneumonia (pneumonia), tonsillitis, pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidney tissue and renal pelvis), urethritis (inflammation of the urethra), colienteritis (inflammation of the small intestine caused by E. coli), gonorrhea, etc., – caused by drug-sensitive microorganisms.