Catherine Habasque

Picture Laurence Chaperon

“Der Blick einer Frau” By Laurence Chaperon

Private low quality video but the only one of a dear memory | Artifact from William Forsythe | 2000 with the National Spanish Company

Gargouilles & Chimères | 2021 with DFW

Catherine Habasque was born in Paris

Freelance dancer, choreographer, director and producer

Founder and president of Dancers For the World & the Fabric of Dreams –

Freelance stager for Nacho Duato

Certified Gyrotonic Trainer


Nominations and Awards

– Gold Medal in Concours International de Danse d’Arcachon

– “Best dancer of the year”  for Silent cries by Jiri Kylian – Deutscher Kritikerumfrage 2007

                                                                        – Finalist of the “Fedora prize for Opera and Ballet 2014” for her project “Crystal Tears” with Andreas Scholl.


Principal Dancer and Soloist in

— Théâtre du Rond Point,Paris, Direction Jean Louis Barrault
— Bonn Ballett, Direction Peter van Dyck
— Europa Ballet, Direction Jorge Donn
— Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Direction Maurice Béjart
— Tanz Forum, Direction Jochen Ulrich
— Compañia Nacional de Danza, Direction Nacho Duato
— Ballett Basel, Direction Richard Wherlock


Worked with and performed works from

— Nacho Duato
— Maurice Béjart
— Jean-Louis Barrault
— Jiri Kylian
— Mats Ek
— William Forsythe
— Ohad Naharin
— Nicolo Fonte
— Patrick Delcroix
— Martino Muller
— …


Performed in

— Opera de Paris
— Lincoln Center New York
— Bellas Artes Mexico
— Staatsoper Berlin
— Teatro Real Madrid
— Teatro de la Fenice
— Bunkai Kaikan Tokyo
— Herode atticus Athenes
— Bayerisches Staatoper München
— …




September 20th: “Chronicle n°13: The Secret Life of Light”  (New production) – Interpretation and Direction

(More to come)



October: Catherine Habasque is featured in Laurence Chaperon new book about inspiring women, beside personalities like Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde.

March 9th: “Between Heartbeats” – (New production)  Interpretation and Direction

(More to come)



April 4th to 9th: Gala “Pas de deux” in Genova Theatro Carlo Felice – Master classes

June 9th: Creation of “New Classic in Sudhaus” 

September 22nd and 23rd: “Of Crystal and Smoke” in Basel (New Production) – Interpretation and Direction

December 8th: with the countertenor Thomas Lichtenecker (New Production) – Interpretation and Direction

Refugee camps in Kurdistan with Dancers For the World and the Bring Hope Foundation (Date to come)



Dancers For the World becomes a United Nations Partner Organisation

October 22: “Gargouilles et Chimères” (New production) in BaselInterpretation and Direction



February 1st: “Folias” with Beatriz Blanco (Cello) in Paris – Interpretation and Direction

March: Lesbos with Dancers For the World – rescheduled

April: Kurdistan – Dancers for the World in association with the Bring Hope Foundation – rescheduled

Juli 1st.: Online opening of “DFW & Guests”, a platform of courses around Theater and Stage Professions.

November 20 & 21: “Les Dépravées” (New production) in BaselInterpretation and Direction



Jan. 13th: “Folias” with Beatriz Blanco (Cello) in Basel – Interpretation and direction

March: Lesbos, refugee camps with Dancers For the World

May 12: Swiss TV SRF1 program about DFW’s work in Lesbos

June 7: DfW’s “The Ceremony” –  New production – Interpretation and direction

Juli 6: Swiss TV RSI program about DFW’s work in Lesbos

Juli 20: Festival Rosenhof (DE) – Guest artist

August: Ballet in the Kibera Slums (Kenya) with Dancers For the World

October 5th. : DfW’s “The Ceremony” in Zürich

November 23rd / December 15th. : DfW’s “Swanns” –  New production –  Interpretation and Direction

December 2nd. : “Folias” with Beatriz Blanco – Private performance



February : München with the Bayerisches Ballet 2 – Rehearsal director for “Jardi Tancat” from Nacho Duato

March: Guest choreographer Jae Duk Kim in Basel

April: Palermo, Teatro Massimo Stages “Duende” from Nacho Duato

Mai 4th.: Dfw’s “Step off” First edition – Guest choreographer: Jae Duk Kim “Ha-ki” (Creation) – Catherine Habasque “In her head” (Creation)

Mai: Lesbos with Dancers For the World

Juli: Cambodia with Dancers For the World

Sept. 20: DFW private show Klingental Basel

Sept. 29: Dfw’s “Step off” in Zürich – Choreography / dance / artistic direction

Oct. 17: Dfw’s performance within the Architekturtage in Basel

Nov. 18: Premiere  Dfw’s “Unterwelt” in Basel – Direction, dance and choreography

Nov. 24: Dfw’s “Unterwelt” in Basel – Direction, dance and choreography

Dec. 1st: Dfw’s “Einige Todsünden” in Basel – Direction, dance and choreography

Dec. 8th: “Folias” with Beatriz Blanco (Cello) in Paris – Interpretation and direction



April 2nd: Creation “Einige Todsünden” for DFW – Interpreter, director and choreographer

June 10th: Reprise “ELLE entre chien et loup” with DFW (Creation November 2016) – Interpreter, director and choreographer

June 11th to June 24th: Seoul with the Universal Ballet – Rehearsal director for “Duende” from Nacho Duato

September: München with the Bayerisches Ballet 2 – Rehearsal director for “Jardi Tancat” from Nacho Duato

October 1st: Reprise “Einige Todsünden” with DFW (Creation April 2017)

November: Meret Schlegel and Kilian Haselbeck in the Philippines for DFW during the Chinese tour of

November 21st to 24th: München with the Bayerisches Ballet 2 – Rehearsal director for “Jardi Tancat” from Nacho Duato



March : “If music be the food of love” for Dfw’s – Director, choreographer and interpreter

May: she stages “Por vos muero” of Nacho Duato in the Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires.

Juli – August: DfW sponsors the trip of one of his members in a school in the Indian Himalaya (

August – September: Bayerische Staatsballett 2 München (Staging Jardi Tancat from Nacho Duato)

September: DfW in Georgia (

October: DfW in Philippines – Two weeks with abused and disavantaged children (

November 27th: “Elle entre chien et loup” for Dfw’s in Elisabethenkirche Basel. ( – Director, choreographer and interpreter

December: International Dance Festival Madrid en Danza “Variations sur le thème de Traviata”  (




January: Creation of Dancers for the World / Dfw’s in Basel, Switzerland

April: International Dance Day 2015

August: she stages “Jardi Tancat” for the Bayerische Staatsballet 2 (München – Germany)

September: DfW in Tskaltubo (Georgia) – Two weeks with refugees in cooperation with the Artasfoundation.

November: Creation of “Variations sur le thème de Traviata” with the countertenor Thomas Lichtenecker. – Director, choreographer and interpreter




March: she stages “Por vos muero” from Nacho Duato in the Staatstheater Nürnberg Ballet.

April: she works with the Universal Ballet in Seoul staging “Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness” from Nacho Duato.

June: Creation of “And I heard somebody crying…” for the Tanzart Ost West Festival

Juli: Stage d’été à l’atelier Montchat à Lyon

September: Bayerische Staatsoper 2.

Dezember: her project “Crystal Tears” with the countertenor Andreas Scholl is finalist of the International Fedore Prize for Opera and Ballet



CATHERINE HABASQUE was born in Paris where she studies ballet and litterature.

She starts  taking ballet lessons with Florence de la Villegeorges and Michelle Grimaud and receives professional education from renowned teachers like Gilbert Mayer and Raymond Franchetti. She later studies Graham technic with Flora Cushman. During those years she  earns various prices including a gold medal in the Concours international d’Arcachon where the jury is composed by the prominent French ballet figures (Serge Lifar, Yvette Chauviré, Claude Bessy, Claire Motte, …)

In 1984 she joins the  Bonn Ballet where she dances soloist’s roles of the classical repertoire, under the direction of Peter van Dyck.

In 1986 Jean Louis Barrault uses her as an actress and a dancer in his production “Le Théâtre de foire” in the Théâtre du Rond Point in Paris.

In 1988, she obtains a contract to work with Jorge Donn in his own company and then joins the Béjart Ballet Lausanne in 1989 where she dances the classical pieces of the company repertoire (Le sacre du printemps, Bolero, L’oiseau de feu,…)

In 1991 Maurice Béjart creates for her the role of Zerlina/Dona Elvira in “Tod in Wien”, which was performed among many other theaters in Paris Opera.

In 1992 Nacho Duato offers her a contract as Principal Dancer for the Compañia Nacional de Danza Nacho. For nine consecutive years she dances in all the creations of Nacho Duato and works with other prominent choreographers such as Jiri Kylian, Mats Ek, Willian Forsythe, Ohad Naharin among others.

In 2001, she decides to join the Ballet Basel. During the following seven years she takes part in all the creations of the house and guest choreographers.

In 2002, she starts choreographing alongside her career as a soloist.

A short experiment is rapidly followed by a 25 mns piece which success gives her the oportunity to create a piece for the Ballet Basel “Masques” in september 2004.

During the season 2005-2006, she works closely with Jiri Kylian and Sabina Kupferberg on the only solo which Jiri Kylia has ever creates to a woman “Silent cries”. It is the first time ever the piece is performed outside of Netherlands Dans Theater.

She is invited to perform in Galas and Festivals in Australia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland….

In may 2006, Theater Basel under the direction of Michael Schindhelm produces her full evening “Himmel und Hölle”  for which she creates three new pieces including a solo for an actor.

In 2007, the Festival International de Esparraguera commissiones her to create a solo, which she performed.

In august 2007, she is nominated “Best dancer of the year” in the Deutsche Kritikerumfrage 2006-07 for Silent cries from Jiri Kylian and she becomes free lance.

In 2008, she starts staging Nacho Duato’s piece worldwide and stages “Na Floresta” for the Palucca Schule in Dresden


February: Cie 8  creates in Valence her full evening piece “Jeu d’ego” for an actor and two dancers based on “Belle du seigneur” from Albert Cohen.

May: she produces a double bill creation – Entre nous /Entre nous – repli –  in which she shares the stage and part of the creation work with Félix Duméril (Ex-director from the Bern Ballett).

August: she takes part as a choreographer and as a dancer in the first opera production of the season of Theater Basel: “Alexander Fest” form Händel, direction Georges Delnon.

September / October 2010: she directs the choreography of the Opera “Alcina” from Händel in the Opernhaus Chemnitz. Premiere: 09.10.2010 Musical direction: Jos van Veldhoven Regie: Dominik Wilgenbus. 


January: she takes part as an interpreter the creation of “Dobles”, a piece from Jose Besprosvany for a singer and a dancer.

June: she stages “Duende” from Nacho Duato in the Staatstheater Nürnberg Ballet.

September: she stages “Na Floresta” from Nacho Duato for the Bayerisches Staatsballet 2


April: she stages”Duende” from Nacho Duato in the Slowakisches Nationaltheater Ballet in Bratislava.

March: Creation of “Dr Emmrich 1849” in Die Oper Chemnitz on the 31 of March 2012, a 40 minutes piece on music from J.S.Bach and J.Brahms. Costumes: Arik Aviad Herman Lighting design: Nicolas Fischtel.

October: she takes part as an interpreter in the creation of  “Second skin”, a creation by Kiriakos Hadjioannou” in Basel.

November: she “Na Floresta” from Nacho Duato for the Bayerisches Staatsballet 2


April / October: she stages “Jardi Tancat” from Nacho Duato for the Bayerisches Staatsballet 2