40 min

Music: J.S. Bach-J.Brahms

Choreography: Catherine Habasque     

Lighting design: Nicolas Fischtel   

Costumes: Aviad Arik Herman   

Premiere 31.03 2012 Die Theater Chemnitz  with the Chemnitzer Ballett 


(…) In those dance images the breath of the human world is blowing and yet the Kaleidoscope-like
sequence of the scenes has a pace that practically takes one’s breath away (…)
FREIE PRESSE 02.02.2012

The impulses are so unusual that they lead us straight to the collection of our own consciousness and leave us wandering through the museum of our own head long after we have left the theatre. (…) 

The choreography by Catherine Habasque is hypnotizing and leads us into a labyrinthine gallery with fragments of memories, fears, and desires. TANZNETZ.de