As a Principal Dancer, Choreographer and Private Trainer


is one my favorite way to stay mentally and physically fit.

Also called yoga for dancers, Gyrotonic is practiced with a machine that supports the movements and multiplies its effects on the muscles.

It suits all bodies and ages and can relieve back and neck pain in 2 or 3 sessions

And because I deeply believe in it, I decided to share it.

As I am very active in my artistic activities, I am limiting myself to ten students with whom I will work regularly and in depth.

That is how changes happen and become rapidly visible.

During your private 55 min you can choose your way: only exercise with the machine or finish your training with a ballet barre to enhance your posture and presence.


I am also working with




and adapting the classes to your needs and wishes


4 classes within 4 weeks: CHF 360

(To be paid the day of the first class, not refundable)

One separate class: CHF 120

10 classes (no limit time): CHF 980

Indications for use:
Bacterial infections: bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi), pneumonia (pneumonia), tonsillitis, pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidney tissue and renal pelvis), https://canadiantoprx.com urethritis (inflammation of the urethra), colienteritis (inflammation of the small intestine caused by E. coli), gonorrhea, etc., – caused by drug-sensitive microorganisms.